Mind Reader Robert Priest

... is a Mind Reader, an entertainer who uses everyday thoughts to create a fun, exciting, and highly successful event. His "Theater Of The Mind" show is:
amazing, smart, sophisticated, and funny
a unique entertainment experience that has helped event managers
set the stage for applause-winning events for over 17 years
a show designed to make your program a complete success

Robert Priest The Theater Of The Mind is a skilled blend of mind reading and comedy... an act alive with action, laughs, and mental challenges. From a remarkable presentation of memory, through an impossible blindfold routine, to attention-grabbing whole-audience mind reading, the "Theater Of The Mind" offers mystery, drama, and suspense in a single memorable performance.

This is an act that allows full audience participation, as the thoughts of audience members are read and woven into an unforgettable entertainment program. Secretly thought-of words, numbers, names, and other information that could not possibly have been known beforehand are revealed and used to entertain, amaze, and delight even the most skeptical audience members.

Robert Priest believes that if ESP exists, his show is as close as most of us will ever come to experiencing it. With a BA in Psychology, a Masters in Human Relations, and a lifetime of performing, Bob has combined his entertainment and academic backgrounds into a process called "mind scripting". This unique approach, using advanced and unconventional psychological principles, has made possible his mind-boggling performances for over 16 years. Bob's singular ability has made him the performer of choice for those looking for unique, professional, and stunning entertainment!

Programs Robert, blindfolded The Theater Of The Mind is a thought-provoking entertainment event for structured groups. Working for maximum audience participation, Robert Priest uses the thoughts of audience members to make them the stars of the show. Audiences are amazed as he seems to pull words and thoughts from their minds. Presented with a professional polish and spontaneous wit that never fails to delight, the "Theater of The Mind" show moves fluidly from drama to suspense to hilarity. Experience first-hand the world of extrasensory perception!

Something To Think About is a program for intimate groups, ideal for hospitality suites, cocktail parties, and other events where guests gather in small numbers. A walk-around performance structure takes Bob directly to the group for intimate close-up demonstrations. The "Something To Think About" program is a scaled-down performance of the "Theater Of The Mind"... but in size only, not in effect. Presentations of ESP created only inches away from guests will involve them and give them something to talk about, not only during the event, but for days after! An ideal ice-breaker and conversation starter for any function.

It's not easy to capture the excitement, enthusiasm, and enthrallment of a Robert Priest performance in the written word, but that hasn't stopped some people from trying! Read what several delighted clients have written after experiencing Robert's amazing talents at work.

Venues conventions · banquets · colleges
association meetings · sales events
parties · hospitality suites · trade shows

morning programs · luncheon sessions
evening celebrations

those hard-to-plan "spousal" programs

any other events where "minds" meet
Clients Clients include organizations and groups both large and small, from McGraw-Hill to Ethan-Allen, from The Chase Manhattan Bank to Litton Electronics, from Roy Rogers Restaurants to the U.S. Army.

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Performing Philosophy

Bob with ladyRobertís special interest is in the mystery and magic of our minds, in which nothing is impossible. With his programs of participatory theater, full audience participation is ensured, providing your group with unique entertainment, while engaging them in the experience of wonder and mystery... much missing in our world of endless technology. All shows can be tailor-made for your event, and he will work to support any special theme around which the event is oriented.

While Robert Priest claims no supernatural powers, he does claim to provide an outstanding program, one that will make your next event escape the ordinary.

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